Department of Clinical Laboratory

Mary queens mission Hospital has one of the best clinical laboratories equipped with the latest facilities and experienced pathologists, handling all routine diagnostic tests to specialized tests. Our lab realizes criticality of laboratory investigations to medical diagnosis and treatment and is committed to bring quality testing for the patient care. We have several sub specialties providing a wide range of laboratory investigations for various diseases spanning across all branches of medicine. These include clinical chemistry, hematology, urology histopathology, immunohistochemistry, microbiology, serology. Each of these specialities are manned by experienced staff who are supervised by a team of consultants.

The department of clinical laboratory at Mary Queens hospital provides comprehensive diagnostic services which have reduced the human interference to minimum by reducing the chances of error. Operated by teams of highly dedicated, sincere and experienced technical staff who is fully committed to maintaining the high standard of work and accuracy of report. To achieve this goal we always vigilant and have a rigid quality control system followed. We also provide prompt reporting to our patients thereby helping and guiding the doctors in proper patient management.

The various labs that function under this department are Biochemistry, Haematology, Serology, Clinical Pathology, Microbiology and Licensed Blood bank. By continuously introducing new and improved tests, technology and services, our laboratory services has established a reputation as the leading innovator in the clinical laboratory services in Kottayam District.  The labs are equipped with fully automated chemistry and haematology analyzers.

The laboratory medicine is performed by various departments.


Chemistry performs a wide variety of test using the most current technology. The department is equipped with fully automated analyser BECK MAN COULTER AU480. Common tests analysed in the chemistry laboratory are Glucose, lipid profile, renal function test, liver and heart enzymes and electrolytes etc........


Haematology section performs test that are important in diagnosing many disorders such as anaemia and leukaemia. Haematology works with whole blood to do full blood counts and other specialised test also. Our haematology lab is equipped with imported modern equipment 6 part haematology analyser SYSMEX XN 550 (TRANSASIA) and coagulation procedures are performed in STAGO (START MAX) which is used to monitor anticoagulant therapy and bleeding disorders.


 Immunology is a study of immune products such as antibodies produced by the body in respond to foreign material. The concept of antigen-antibody interaction is a  diagnostic tool. Highly equipped with fully auto analyser BECKMAN COULTER- ACCESS 2.  We are performing hormonal analysis like thyroid function test, PSA, IGE, PRL, Troponin I etc...


The department of microbiology aims at providing accurate and reproducible results on clinical material within the possible time. This section identifies microorganisms which will cause disease. The microbiology departments also provide information about appropriate antibiotic to use as treatment for various pathogens. The laboratory performs aerobic bacterial culture, various stains for bacteria and fungi and ELISA for infectious diseases. Apart from processing clinical samples lab also carries out bacteriological analysis of water, operation theatre sterility checks and hospital environmental surveillance. Also the department is actively involved in infection prevention and control activities of the hospital.


Hospital having licensed blood bank with 24 hr service, which Involves the testing of blood specimens in order to provide transfusion and related services. Our blood bank services offered blood grouping and typing, blood cross matching, coombs test, coombs crossmatch, antibody titre, screening test for hepatitis B and hepatitis C, HIV, veneral disease, Malaria, and microfilaria.


Many important diseases can be diagnosed through urine and stool analysis. The urine test help to detect many serious disease like diabetics , jaundice, kidney problems etc.....Stool examination help to detect  the presence of parasites as well as diseases related to the digestive system....

Our laboratory has a documented quality assurance programmes which included internal quality assurance, external quality assurance, standardization and calibration.The laboratory quality control samples are purchased from well known sources. We start every day morning to ensure the quality of the work and accuracy of the reports.

We are also trying to give more added facilities to our present department like blood platelet component separation unit , new machines and so on...


The Director
Mary Queens Mission Hospital
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