Counselling and Social work Department

In our department, it is meant for the patients and their bystanders in general as part of their holistic treatment. The following things are doing regularly to understand and support our patients.

Our Main Concerns:

  • Regular room visit, enquiring their needs and clarifying their doubts
  • Personal counselling, spiritual counselling and helping to anoint the sick as per their needs
  • Giving emotional and psychological support and prayer for the pregnant ladies
  • Preparing the patients for confession
  • Helping the patients to get good pastoral care
  • Giving feedback forms to each patient to write their suggestions, complaints and comments
  • Giving prayer books, spiritual supports etc
  • Prayer and mental support for patients subjected to all types of surgery
  • Visiting Dialysis patients and their family members
  • Counseling and guidances to the staff and nursing students
  • Writing chronicle of the hospital
  • Consulting with the blood donor and understanding their fitness before donating their blood
  • Visiting the ICU patients
  • Counseling for school children, parents
  • Helping the patient to overcome the fear of surgery
  • Spending time to hear and accept their problems and sickness

We welcome all with an uncompromising hospitality …


The Director
Mary Queens Mission Hospital
Palampra P.O., Kanjirapally
Kottaym – 686 518